My Grandmother and Grandfather Used to Say…

“I’ll tell you the secret to a happy marriage. Ask the husband for his opinion, let him say what he thinks, and just agree with him. Then, go and do it your own way. It will turn out right, and he will never know the difference. Why waste your time arguing about it?”

“You can tell how a man will treat a woman by how he treats his own mother.”

“Remember, when in Rome, do as the Romans!”

“When the husband comes home from work, he is like a lion. He is tired and hungry and worn out from his day. He comes in a roars a bit. Don’t take this to heart, just let him roar, then feed him, let him relax and he’ll be OK. He has to get his roar out though.”

“Just remember, at your age, boys come and go like streetcars!”

“When you have a disagreement with your husband, no matter how insignificant, talk about it with him right away. It’s like one little potato. Talk about it and then put it down. If you don’t you carry it with you, and pretty soon you are carrying a big heavy sack of potatoes on your back. Soon it becomes too heavy and everything falls down at once, boom!”

“Girls, don’t take up with the first man you meet. You should be like butterflies, flying from flower to flower, to get a little taste of this one and a little taste of that one. Then, after you have tasted many different flowers, you can fly to the one you like the best.”

“A little of anything won’t hurt you, and too much of anything will.”