Memories of Nonnie and Nonno

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One evening Nonno and I were sitting on the back porch after dinner. He was smoking one of those Parodis and I was smoking something else. We were talking about being in business and dealing with different types of people and we got around to what people say things behind your back. Nonno laughed and [...]

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The Fire Story

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Told by Viola Nevy Orsinger Mother had a lovely statue of St. Ann and the Virgin Mary as a young girl. In May, we would set the statue up on the bureau in our bedroom and light a votive candle in front of it. One lovely spring morning Florence and I lit the candle on [...]

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Diceva la Mia Nonna e Mio Nonno

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My Grandmother and Grandfather Used to Say... "I’ll tell you the secret to a happy marriage. Ask the husband for his opinion, let him say what he thinks, and just agree with him. Then, go and do it your own way. It will turn out right, and he will never know the difference. Why waste your [...]

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