Giacomo Galli’s Passport

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TRANSLATION: This passport is valid for one year. Dated February 21st, 1923 IN VITTORIO EMANUELE III IN THANKS TO GOD AND THE WILL OF THE NATION KING OF ITALY PASSPORT Released to Giacomo Galli, son of Francesco and Giovanni Martelli. Born in Caprino in the province of Verona on March 28th 1868, Residing [...]

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Giacomo’s Permit to Reenter the U.S.

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March 25th, 1926. Giacomo Galli, an alien lawfully admitted to the United States, was issued a permit by the United States immigration service to lawfully be re-admitted to United States, returning from a temporary visit abroad. He is described as being 5'8, 200 lb, dark complexion, gray hair and brown eyes. (This is different [...]

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