Nonnie goes through the Family Photo Album

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This might have been in 1990 or 1991 when Bill and Viola Nevy Orsinger, with their daughter Barbara and grand-daughter Kristin visited Nonnie at her home in Cumberland. Bill, who at the time was an avid videographer, videotaped the weekend visit. Part of the documentation was to hear Nonnie's stories and to get them on [...]

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Nevy Family Photo Album

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A few years ago I scanned every page of the Nevy Family Album. Here they are in a book form so that all family can have access to the photos and information in the album. This is a PDF book, it is a *very* large file size (about 306 MB). It is high resolution so [...]

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Recording of Nonnie telling stories 1977

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Recording made by Bill Orsinger. This recording starts off with Kristin Adolfson's (Barbara Orsinger Adolfson's daughter) first words (with Bill Orsinger, Barbara Adolfson and Viola Orsinger). Then is a recording of Nonnie, Nonno and others.

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