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Money Sent to Giacomo

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A letter from Ralph and Erminia, on the Cumberland Macaroni Manufacturing Company letterhead. Dated October 31, 1920 TRANSLATION: Dear Father-in-law, The five thousand lire check costs me 250 dollars and you will also notice that it will be returned to me in lire if you want me to do the same if you can [...]

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How Pasta is Made at the Factory

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Pasta manufacturing is both science and art. Let's start our plant tour outside on the loading dock where trucks or railroad cars deliver the coarse semolina flour that has been milled from durum wheat. A special vacuum hose pulls the wheat flour inside the plant and places it in gigantic bins. Small plant purchase the [...]

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The Factory Demise

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Sandy Nevy Hack describes in March 2000: Mom (Jeanne Nevy) has told me that the factory is currently, or was until recently, overrun with rats. She also said Delores hired someone to clean it and to dispose of the vermin. Its such a sad ending to the factory's history. Joan Lander writes in July 2001: [...]

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Cumberland Macaroni Factory Sold

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The Factory was sold in 1994 to Robert Brattii From the ASSOCIATED PRESS CUMBERLAND, Md.—Before buying the struggling Cumberland Macaroni Co. four years ago, Robert Bratti's only hands-on experience with pasta was eating it. He renamed the company Cumberland Pasta Co. and tripled its output to about 7 million pounds in the past year. Bratti [...]

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Cumberland Macaroni Manufacturing: The Beginning

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Non v' e' pasta piu' fina dell'Aquila Alpina! There isn't a better pasta than Alpine Eagle! As recounted by Inez Nevy Albetta: There are two professional photographs, one showing the four brothers — Louis, Ralph, in the center is the Italian Consul, then Henry, and David in that order. [...]

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