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Ralph Nevy – postcards to (and from) the war in Libya

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The Italian-Turkish War Ralph Nevy returned to Italy from the United States in order to serve his time in the Italian military. He signed up for the Alpini, an elite mountain warfare corps of the Italian Army. In 1911-1912 Alpini regiments, including Ralph's, were sent to Libya to fight in the war against the Ottoman [...]

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Ralph and Erminia Marriage Documents

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Church Marriage Document Courthouse Marriage DocumentsThere are some obvious errors, and Joan Lander has created a transcript with corrections. Download Large Composite Image

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A letter from Ralph to Erminia while they lived in Colorado

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This letter was written over 100 years ago! Sandra Nevy did the english translation (scroll down), however she wasn't able to make out all of the words that Nonno wrote, so this is her best guess. Joan Lander put together a PDF of the whole story (below) of why they were in Leadville and Colorado. [...]

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Ralph Nevy Naturalization Papers

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From Joan Lander: Just received in the mail a photocopy of Ralph Nevy’s 1920 naturalization record. It was at the courthouse in Cumberland all along. They also have Ralph Nevy's 1915 Declaration of Intention, but we already have a better copy of that record from the Cambria County Courthouse, Ebensburg, PA. Also note that the [...]

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Vitondale, Pennsylvania: Revisiting and Research

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By Joan Lander July 26, 2001 At the instigation of my sister, Alex Lander, who is researching the early days of the Nevy's in America for a novel, Mom (Florence) and I drove with her to several Pennsylvania towns, including Colver, Ebensburg, Vintondale and Blairsville. But before we left Cumberland, we did some reconnaisance. After [...]

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Viola Nevy Orsinger Recounts Childhood Memories of Nonnie and Nonno

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Velma Grassi Ford who came to the reunion, is the sister of Mary Louise Michel who also attended with her husband. Their father was John Grassi and worked in the factory. He was a brother of Mary Nevy, David's wife and of Louise Pisaneski. They lived in South Cumberland. We used to have Mary Louise [...]

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Nonno’s Last Roadtrip

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I am certain that every grandchild of Ralph Nevy has fond memories of the driving excursions he used to take us on. Sometimes you would wonder if he remembered where in the world he was going as he navigated you through the gravel roads, hairpin turns and deep woods of the Allegheny Mountains surrounding Cumberland…but in [...]

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Memories of Nonnie and Nonno

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One evening Nonno and I were sitting on the back porch after dinner. He was smoking one of those Parodis and I was smoking something else. We were talking about being in business and dealing with different types of people and we got around to what people say things behind your back. Nonno laughed and [...]

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Ralph Nevy Life Story

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Born April 10, 1889 in Bergotto, Italy, died February 21, 1978 in Cumberland, Maryland. Transcribed from an audio tape made on July 5, 1967 in Arlington, Virginia, with Bill Orsinger. Bergotto: Well. I'm going to tell you my first impression in my life. I was about 6 years old and my father was going [...]

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