From Joan Lander: Just received in the mail a photocopy of Ralph Nevy’s 1920 naturalization record. It was at the courthouse in Cumberland all along. They also have Ralph Nevy’s 1915 Declaration of Intention, but we already have a better copy of that record from the Cambria County Courthouse, Ebensburg, PA.

Also note that the naturalization date I previously found on ship passenger records turns out to be NOT correct. So keep that in mind when you review those passenger lists on the website.

Here is where I obtained the naturalization record:

Dawne D. Lindsey
Clerk of the Circuit Court for Allegany County
30 Washington Street
Cumberland, MD 21502
Ph. (301) 777-5923
Open 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Here’s a summary of info from the naturalization record.

Ralph Nevy, born April 10, 1889 in Parma, Italy
30 Lamont St
Cumberland, Md
Emigrated to U.S.: 1906
Declaration to become U.S. citizen: Dec. 16, 1915, Ebensburg (Cambria County) PA
Wife: Erminia, born Oct. 26, 1898 in Caprino, Italy
Children: Inis, born June 16, 1917 (too bad they got the spelling wrong!)
Aldo, born Feb 29, 1919
Naturalization petition filed: May 26, 1920
Oath of allegiance taken: Sept. 27, 1920
Court order admitting Ralph Nevy as citizen of U.S.: Sept. 27, 1920

Just so you know, Erminia was naturalized by virtue of being married to a naturalized citizen.

Petition for Naturalization

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Oath of Allegience

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