After Nonnie died, my mother Barbara and I, with grandparents Bill and Viola, visited her home on Fayette Street. At that point other family members had already been there, and in general her possessions had been distributed amongst the family. I went to the basement to poke around, always being curious and loving to explore. On a very high shelf, or perhaps it was a basement wall ledge, I spotted a brown antique-looking small suitcase, about the size of a lunch box. I took it down and opened it up and inside I found such a treasure! The yellowed documents with sweeping Italian calligraphy were certainly of another age. As I looked further, I found passport for Giacomo Galli, a few old photographs, Giacomo’s spectacles, razor blades, mirror, button fastener, pencil, and many many documents. It was definitely a time capsule into another era.

At some point I remember giving the box and contents to Bill and Viola to have someone loosely translate the documents so we could understand what they were. It was my intention to always get these up on the website for the family to see. I finally carefully scanned each document which are below. They each link to a page with their loose translations. The documents show Giacomo’s travel back and forth from Italy to the United States, as well as his affairs in Italy, health treatments he was taking in Italy. Perhaps these will help us continue to unwrap the story of our ancestors. —Kristin

Giacomo Galli’s Birth Certificate

TRANSLATION: Church of the parish of Caprino Veronese Birth Certificate There appears in this Parish registry that Giacomo Galli, son of Francesco and [...]

A Shopping List

A shopping list containing items for baby Erminia Galli in the year 1900.

Money Sent to Giacomo

A letter from Ralph and Erminia, on the Cumberland Macaroni Manufacturing Company letterhead. Dated October 31, 1920 TRANSLATION: Dear Father-in-law, The five thousand [...]

Giacomo Galli’s Passport

TRANSLATION: This passport is valid for one year. Dated February 21st, 1923 IN VITTORIO EMANUELE III IN THANKS TO GOD AND THE [...]

Giacomo Penal Certificate

TRANSLATION: The Civil and Penal Tribunal of Verona Penal Certificate We attest that in this record office, in the name of Giacomo Galli, [...]

Giacomo’s Will?

December 12th, 1926. A handwritten official letter signed by Elisa Pezzolato, which is hard to translate, but says in part: "... for the [...]

Giacomo Legal Document

A legal document dated July 4th, 1927 by the Podesta (an official) of the town of Caprino Veronese that certifies that Giacomo Galli [...]

Giacomo Security for a Loan?

A handwritten legal document dated July 14th, 1927 at the Pretura (Justice of the Peace) at Caprino Veronese that at 15 hour on [...]

Giacomo’s Illness and Treatment

A handwritten letter from CASA DI CURA (House of Healing), Dr. Chierego, Via Gazzera, 11 (Borgo Trento) Verona. Dated February 17th, 1927. Stating in [...]

Giacomo’s Furniture Sale

One of three legal documents dated December 29th, 1927. A proclamation that on January two, 1928, at the door of the House of [...]

Extra Quota

A certificate of EXTRA QUOTA from the Italian ship lines dated July 11th, 1927 at Genoa for Giacomo Galli at address: Garda sul [...]

Ship Boarding Permit

A permit dated July 1, 1927 to board the ship DULIO at Genoa July 29th, 1927 four destination New York, third class passenger. [...]