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Giacomo Galli’s Box

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After Nonnie died, my mother Barbara and I, with grandparents Bill and Viola, visited her home on Fayette Street. At that point other family members had already been there, and in general her possessions had been distributed amongst the family. I went to the basement to poke around, always being curious and loving to explore. [...]

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Current Nevi Relatives in Parma, Italy

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By Kristin Adolfson Many years ago we were contacted by Massimo Nevi, who lives in Parma, Italy. He had found our website and was interested in exploring the family genealogy and finding perhaps that we were distant relatives! Someone mentioned that perhaps the cousin Nonno went to stay with in Alsace Lorraine just before coming [...]

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Genealogical Research Links

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How to start, where to look, what to expect Church and civil records are available from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, whose Family History Center provide microfilm copies of the old records, some of which date back to the 1600's. Researching the church records can be very time consuming. The records are hand-written [...]

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The Puzzle of Oral History and Historical Documents

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The family oral history from Ralph Nevy's sisters, Pauline and Mary, has it that their grandfather was Christof Nevi, a German orphan who came to Bergotto with the Grassi men (Teresina's family, stone masons) who were returning to the village. Christof grew up there and worked for the Grassi family, eventually marrying a Grassi. They had [...]

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A Historical Statement About the Noble Household “Nevi” from Parma

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Introduction comments from Massimo Nevi: In this document there is much history, but also a lot of information about Nevi family. About history, it is all true. There is a right description of places, kings, names. city of Parma and so on. About others things, I could not check. But I read that the source of [...]

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