A handwritten letter from CASA DI CURA (House of Healing), Dr. Chierego, Via Gazzera, 11 (Borgo Trento) Verona.

Dated February 17th, 1927.
Stating in part: the undersigned examined Mr Giacomo Galli on February 10th, 1927. He shows a nemolyne temporo occipitalo (An enemy or perhaps a bone dissolving tumor on the side and back of the skull). The process (treatment?) will be a long one and he can travel by ship to United States by September.

Another handwritten letter/certificate dated February 27th, 1927, from CASA DI RIPOSA E DI CURA (House of rest and cure), Villa Garda, medical director and surgeon Gustavo Bussinello: regarding Mr Giacomo Galli, community of Garda in the province of Verona, sick with sarcoma of the…. (then the writing is intelligible)

Some of the several handwritten bills from the Casa di Cura (House of Cures) “Villa Garda.”
They are to Giacomo Galli – first class, number 10 room
May 6th, 1927 this bill documents daily charges from April 27th to May 6th, 1927 for 1175 Lire.

Another dated May 16th, 1927, for the dates May 6th, 1927 – May 16th, 1927 for 1115 Lire, plus additions and taxes to Total 3150 Lire. It was paid, and 13 stamps of 10 cents each are attached.

A bill dated May 26th, 1927, for charges from May 16th to May 26th, 1927 for 1,000 Lire. On the back Giacomo wrote: Erminia Nevi, 112 Wilmont Avenue. Cumberland, Md.

A bill dated June 5, 1927, for daily charges from April 27th to June 5, 1927 for 1035 Lire. Wine was extra. The charges were paid and bear the state stamps.

It is not possible to read what the charges represent but in several cases the amount is expressed as 2cc or 5cc, indicating injections. Giacomo was there a total of 39 days: from April 3rd to June 5, 1927

A receipt dated November 9th, 1927 at Verona from Cavalier Professor Doctor Giovanni Venturelli, a docent at the University of Milano. Diseases of skin, urinary tract and “Celtiche.”  the receipt merely notes he was paid 1400 Lire (a great deal of money).

This advertisement was also found in Giacomo’s box, as well as medication information/instruction “Applicazioni Terapeutiche della Forgenina (Formiato di tetre-metil-ammonio)” for use orally.

Researching these, it’s possible Giacomo’s treatments were using Radium or other unsafe treatments, which was common in the times.


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