From January 16th, 1928 a letter from Antonio de Paoli of the Venice office of Italian navigation lines, addressed to Giacomo Galli at the Contrada (country) Cloak Sorsei (?) Cavaion, Verona, confirming his ticket on the ship ROMA for February 21, 1928.

On the envelope containing his ticket, Giacomo Road in pencil: Erminia Nevi, 112 Wilmont Ave., Cumberland, Md.

A ticket for Jacomo to travel from Genoa to New York, dated February 21, 1928, on the ship ROMA, with a stop in Naples. Third class passenger cabin with bed, was purchased February 10th, 1928 in Genoa. Travel time Genoa to New York was 10 days.

The reverse side list the menu on the ship for each day of the week, and prices.

A receipt #111 from the house of emigration in Genoa, for two nights, February 17th, 1928 and to depart the morning of February 19th, 1928.

Below is a Pullman Ticket railroad stub dated March 6, 1928, at Jersey City, N.J.