A second letter from the American Consulate in Venice. From James be young dated June 18th, 1927, to Giacomo Galli at the Station Cafe in Lake Garda:


In response to your letter of June 16th, 1927 with a request for returning to the United States, you must demonstrate to our satisfaction four things:

  1. That you gather the legal documents to go to the United States.
  2. That you maintain all the bonds with relatives, home, etc.
  3. That you came temporarily into Italy with the intention to resume as soon as possible your residence in the United States.
  4. That you have prolonged your visit for serious reasons and independent of your will.

When you have all these documents present them together for a new passport, and closing two photographs and $10, corresponding to the cost of a visa for immigration.

(signed) James B. Young, American Consulate, Venice