This letter was written over 100 years ago! Sandra Nevy did the english translation (scroll down), however she wasn’t able to make out all of the words that Nonno wrote, so this is her best guess. Joan Lander put together a PDF of the whole story (below) of why they were in Leadville and Colorado.

From: Ralph Nevy
146 West Chestnut
Leadville, Colo

Dear, how are you. I am well and find myself here in Leadville. It is easy to find a job here, but to me, it doesn’t rain much. I am sending you this so that you can see all the things you like. Respond to me at the same place that I write this.

There are no Italians staying here but it is easy to find work with the Americans. Perhaps after (you will be able to?) by ourselves.

Greetings and kisses,

your Ralph