Sandy Nevy Hack describes in March 2000:
Mom (Jeanne Nevy) has told me that the factory is currently, or was until recently, overrun with rats. She also said Delores hired someone to clean it and to dispose of the vermin. Its such a sad ending to the factory’s history.

Joan Lander writes in July 2001:
After church on Sunday we visited the factory and climbed up the outside pipes to get in through an open window. Inside it was a “disastro” (the word Arnerio used to describe the broken down old houses at Castagna). The ceiling and wall materials had been ripped off and piled up. Dust, dirt and broken glass were everywhere. The place looked like it had been gutted in preparation for demolition.

We salvaged some printed Alpine Eagle macaroni boxes and labels. We also saw evidence of Bratti’s frantic efforts to make a go of pasta-making. There was a mock-up of a box with a Marco Polo label that looked like it had been designed by PR people. Strewn around on the floor were sample packages from about 30 other pasta makers; they must have been researching the competition. There was a list of drying time, temperature and humidity settings for each type of pasta, from elbows to Marguerites.

I looked for and finally found a drying rod, the wooden dowel that was used to hang drying spaghetti. Brought it home for Laura, who makes pasta from scratch.

From Kurt Zecman Pennsylvania Steel Corporation
July 6, 2007

Sad update.

Mr Bratti who purchased your Macaroni business is now representing the most despicable fraudulent company called International Profit Associates. This company is lower than low and is one step above organized crime. Mr. Bratti told us of his days when he owned the macaroni company but also said that he landed a huge government contract and sold it for millions.

He is now peddling bogus business advice.

Thanks to your article posting it helped us avoid even more losses to this illegal entity and sad charlatan.

Article about Factory Demise