Aosta—an important Roman outpost on the road across the Alps. Has well-preserved 2,000 year old sites. Ralph Nevy was stationed here in the Alpini Corps.

Bagnone—30 miles from Bergotto. Near this town is Villa Mimosa, the B&B seen in the video.

Berceto—the closest organized township (or comune) to Bergotto. Both places fall under the jurisdiction of the provincial capital, Parma.

Bergotto—village nearest the Nevi family homestead at Castagna; located in the Apennine mountains between Parma and La Spezia. Location of Ristorante Manubiola.

Borgo Val di Taro
The Taro River runs down the valley near Bergotto.
Borgo means town or villageVal means valley. Italina (wife of Ralph’s brother Louie) came from here.

Caprino Veronese—Erminia Galli Nevy’s birthplace, about 15 miles from San Giorgio. Caprino means little goat.

Casa Martinelli—cluster of houses near Bergotto. Teresina, wife of Ralph’s brother Charles, came from here.

Castagna—Chestnut. Ralph Nevy’s birthplace and boyhood home, surrounded by a forest of chestnut trees.

Cinqueterra—Five lands (or districts)


Fornovo—location of villa owned by the Nevy brothers of Cumberland Macaroni Mfg. Co.

La Thuile—location of barracks where Ralph Nevy stayed while training for the Alpine Corps, near Aosta.

Lago di Garda—Lake Garda

Monte Bianco—White Mountain. (Mont Blanc in French)

Parma—provincial capital; Bergotto falls under its jurisdiction.

Pisa—home of the leaning tower

Pontrémonte—ancient castle near Bagnone, seen in the video

San Giorgio di ValpolicellaSt. George of Valpolicella
Valpolicella means “valley of the thumb,” named for its shape, and renowned for its red wines