Serves 6

Water, milk
Potato Flakes
1 ½ cup all purpose flour
3 tsp. salt
3 eggs

Prepare Mashed Potatoes. If using potato flakes for 12 people use half the amount of water and milk. With spoon, stir in flour, salt and eggs. On floured surface, roll, with floured hands. Roll 1/16th of mix into a rope ½ inch thick. Cut rope crosswise into 2-inch lengths. Repeat with remaining mix.

In a three quart saucepan over medium heat into six cups of boiling water drop about 1/8 of the gnocchi pieces, As they rise to the surface, remove with slotted spoon to platter, keep warm as you cook the rest. Serve with meat sauce or pesto.

Viola remembers: This was a dish mother would sometimes fix for Sunday or a Holiday dinner. She would go to an early mass. When we got home from a later Mass, she already had the dough mixed on this large wooden board on the kitchen table. She rolled it into long ropes. After cutting them into strips-this next part always intrigued me-with a piece of dough between her thumb and a fork, she would press and roll it off the fork forming the dumpling. She tried showing me how but I never mastered it. Recipe provided by Bill and Viola Orsinger