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Antonio Nevi’s Death Certificate

Death Certificate of Antonio Nevi, Ralph Nevi's father. (Also the father of Henry, David, Louis, Charles, Maria and Palmina). Marseilles, France, April 13, 1896 (French) Nevi, Antonio 217 L'an mil huit cent quatre-vingt-seize et le treize avril à deux heures Acte de décès de Antoine Nevi Décédé à Marseille lieu à une heure du soir à la [...]

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Ralph and Erminia Courthouse Marriage Documents

There are some obvious errors, and Joan Lander has created a transcript with corrections. Download Large Composite Image

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Giacomo Galli’s Birth Certificate

TRANSLATION: Church of the parish of Caprino Veronese Birth Certificate There appears in this Parish registry that Giacomo Galli, son of Francesco and Giovanni Martinelli, was born in this Parish on March 27th 1868. We present this information without tax stamps for the purpose of immigration. From the official Parish of Caprino Veronese. Signed Vic. Ecanamo (sp.?) Seen [...]

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Money Sent to Giacomo

A letter from Ralph and Erminia, on the Cumberland Macaroni Manufacturing Company letterhead. Dated October 31, 1920 TRANSLATION: Dear Father-in-law, The five thousand lire check costs me 250 dollars and you will also notice that it will be returned to me in lire if you want me to do the same if you can use it if you [...]

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Giacomo Galli’s Passport

TRANSLATION: This passport is valid for one year. Dated February 21st, 1923 IN VITTORIO EMANUELE III IN THANKS TO GOD AND THE WILL OF THE NATION KING OF ITALY PASSPORT Released to Giacomo Galli, son of Francesco and Giovanni Martelli. Born in Caprino in the province of Verona on March 28th 1868, Residing in Bussolino in the [...]

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