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  • Giacomo Galli’s Box

    After Nonnie died, my mother Barbara and I, with grandparents Bill and Viola, visited [...]

  • Nonnie’s Minestrone

    Serves 6 1/2 cup oil 1 small cabbage, thinly sliced and chopped 2 stalks celery, [...]

  • Ralph Nevy Life Story

    Born April 10, 1889 in Bergotto, Italy, died February 21, 1978 in Cumberland, Maryland. [...]

Dedicata con amore et affectto
all memoria di

Erminia Galli Nevy 1898-1992
Ralph Gabriel Nevy 1889-1978

Genealogical Research

Current Nevi Relatives in Parma, Italy

By Kristin Adolfson Many years ago we were contacted by Massimo Nevi, who lives in Parma, Italy. He had found our website and was interested in exploring the family genealogy and finding perhaps that [...]

Chi lascia la via vecchia per la nuova,

sa quel chi lascia ma non sa quet che trova.

He who takes the new path rather than the old,

knows what he leaves behind but not what will unfold.

Family Stories


Ralph Nevy Naturalization Papers

August 23rd, 2020|Comments Off on Ralph Nevy Naturalization Papers

From Joan Lander: Just received in the mail a photocopy of Ralph Nevy’s 1920 naturalization record. It [...]

Giacomo Galli’s Immigration Records

August 18th, 2020|Comments Off on Giacomo Galli’s Immigration Records

Ellis Island records courtesy of the American Family Immigration History Center Name: Galli, Giacomo Ethnicity: [...]

Giacomo Galli’s Story

August 18th, 2020|Comments Off on Giacomo Galli’s Story

Giacomo Galli – Born March 27, 1868 – Died 1928 at the age of 60 Erminia Galli [...]

Current Generations

The Area of Bergotto

August 21st, 2020|Comments Off on The Area of Bergotto

The original home of Ralph Nevy, Bergotto consists of an old Catholic church, the village watering fountain, [...]

Family Reunions

August 21st, 2020|Comments Off on Family Reunions

More photos from past Family Reunions can be found on the private Family Forum. Family members can [...]

Videos and Other Media

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